Greetings: my name is Tsvia and I am a senior here at Langston University. I am writing this to you regarding the award I received through your foundation, Creative Corrections Education Foundation. When I sat back and reflected on how this scholarship has help continue my education here at Langston University, I think about how I was lost and how I didn’t know how I was going too paid for pay for my tuition, books, or any other important expense(s). Nevertheless, I was stressed. Then, I had the opportunity to meet a professor that would see potential in me that I did not see for myself. He helps me by teaching me how to look for scholarships. He has taught me how to narrow down scholarship that would fit me best. I came up with the information about what your foundation was offering due to a young lady that overheard my conversation, and she asked me if I ever had a parent incarcerated. I respond by saying yes, and she told me about CCEF and told me how to fill out for the scholarship.

This scholarship has help me to form a newly found interest in continuing to pursue my academic endeavors because now I know that I can seek, search, and secure funds towards my college experience. Again, I thank you for assisting me into making my dreams a reality. As a graduating senior, I am confident that I will be able to go into the workforce and make a substantial contribution towards this great society of ours.