Winning this scholarship means that I have not become a statistic of the “at risk children” of the incarcerated. I hope that I will be a role model to others who have known the trauma of a conviction of a parent, whether it is a wrongful conviction or a right one. You can overcome the stigma and the bullying of others, by being the best you can be. It only matters to be true to yourself. My mother told me an author and motivation speaker by the name of Sol Gordon who spoke to the youth in her day said, “The best revenge was to do well.” I have never felt the need for revenge but the quote makes sense to me. If someone calls you a failure or says you are like someone they think is no good, the best thing you can do is “do good” in this life. It is your life and you are the one who will suffer or enjoy the consequences. I intend to be an overcomer and become a college graduate and a professional. I intend to someday use my education and experience to help others be an overcomer also. This scholarship will help me obtain my dream.