The Creative Corrections scholarship has helped me further my college career by helping me be prepared for classes and teaching me to not feel discouraged for any reason. As an African American female having struggled financially to get thus far, I had times where I’d get discourage. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to have the things I needed to be successful in class like my counterparts. I would look around the classroom and notice I didn’t have the necessary tools to excel in my studies. There would be times my teachers would say “pull out your devices” or “turn to this page in the book” and I wouldn’t have those items and feel ashamed because I was the only one without. I only had enough financial assistance to get me in the classroom which was a huge accomplishment for me, but that happiness turned to sadness a few minutes after being in the classroom.

Receiving this scholarship gave me the extra funding to get books and a technology device and I am able to be prepared for classes and feel a sense of security because I know whatever assignment I get I will be able to access it. I am grateful for the Creative Corrections scholarship and am one step closer to gaining a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.