“Hello my name is Diamond! I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, NC. Although I am from Virginia and ECSU is out of state, this university was the least expensive when it came to my major. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in pharmaceutical sciences. I have always wanted to become a pharmacist. I have had this aspiration ever since I was a young girl. I have had many problems as far as my parents being incarcerated throughout my entire life, but was blessed to have an aunt to take me in at such a young age. I refuse to let these issues discourage me from my goals, especially with having such a great support system.

I have had much help from my loved ones. They have helped me tremendously, but they cannot help with everything especially when it comes to finances. Each year I have small problems but this year it was a huge problem on such late notice, that I would need more help with financial aid.

This was not the first time I received help from CCEF. I received a scholarship from Creative Corrections Education Foundation my freshman year. I thought it was impossible for me to receive help twice. I continued to pray and do all that I needed to ensure that I would return to my university in the Fall.

This is a wonderful foundation that I cannot thank enough. You all surely make the students who have had incarcerated parents feel that they deserve to receive a higher education, just as those students whose parents have been on the right path their entire lives. This experience causes me to continue to have faith in myself, and work towards all of my goals.”