I’m Timothy and I want to thank Marsha and CCEF for allowing me to take this course. I never thought this was possible for me being in the streets like I was just throwing my life away. Thanks to the Grace of God, I’m going on 3 years sober and never would have thought it was possible. Also want to thank my probation officer Ms. Lita Wells for heading me into the right direction because she really did and I thank her for that. Today I’m seeing goals and I’m shelving them today in my new form of life that I’m living. What changed my way of thinking was this one dude telling me; “To the world your one person but to one person you could be the world” and I thought about my kids and that has helped me so much. Also, to my mama, my dad, and to family never giving up on me that I’m blessed and could not have got to where I am today without yells sorry and for that I’m forever grateful.