If you ever get a second chance in life for something, you’ve got to go all the way. There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback. Having dreams, failing at them, and getting a second chance is such a rewarding feeling. At any given moment, life can surprise us with another chance, giving as the possibility to try something one more time to recreate yourself anew and to start again.

That’s what Creative Corrections has given me. When all hope was gone, the door opened from this program, and my life has changed drastically. Before this great opportunity, I felt it was a complete  waste of time to fill out job applications. ” Have you ever been convicted of a crime? ” was a question that made me certain I would automatically be disqualified. To lie would be dishonest, and result in later termination.

All I wanted was to be a productive member of society. When this great opportunity came along, it gave me what I lost long ago. I had self-doubt, hopelessness and desperation. After researching the program and courses, I met Marsha, 10 minutes into our very transparent conversation, I knew she understood me, and made me look at my mistakes, in a whole new light. A lot of people sympathize with you, but she empathizes with me, and that made a whole world of difference.

Creative Corrections Education Foundation staff and ABC instructors have helped to mold me into a new creator. With much prayer, I believe in me again. Without this door opening with Creative Corrections Education Foundation, I honestly don’t know where I’d be.

I thank GOD every day for these great people who have me an opportunity to try something again, after failing. Thank you,  Creative Corrections Education Foundation.