Kameron – Arizona

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity! I did not know what I wanted to do in school but have truly found my calling! Thank you to everyone at the CCEF, I will be the first college graduate of my immediate family and cannot wait for the opportunities I will be brought!

Alexis – Ohio

I just want to thank Creative Corrections Education Foundation for providing financial aid towards my college tuition.  Their generosity helped me tremendously which allowed me to finish school and receive a degree.

Meona – Ohio

I just wanted to thank you Creative Corrections Education Foundation for the scholarship. I am truly honored. Again, Thank you. 

Courtney – Texas

Receiving a scholarship from the Creative Corrections Education Foundation has tremendously helped me, and because of it, I am one step closer to graduating from college. 

Being raised by a single mother for most of my life has been very challenging when it comes to finances. Luckily, my mom has always and continues to provide a roof over my head and other important necessities that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for her. Although she provides my necessities doesn’t mean she can afford $8,000 a semester to put me through college— and this is the problem. 

My dad has been in prison for 13 years and counting. Not having financial support from him has taken a toll on both, me and my mother. 

Going to college for me has always been an opportunity to learn, grow, and be educated enough to create a better life for me and my family. I’ve had many scares where I didn’t know if I’d be able to finish school because of how expensive it is, but by the grace of God foundations like CCEF has blessed me with a scholarship to help obliviate those worries. 

This means so much to me. 

Thank you

Jamie – New York

I like to thank you for awarding me $1,000.00 to help me pay for my college education. This money will be used for college tuition, housing, books, travel fees, and expenses for my labs. Currently, I am trying to obtain my bachelor’s in science. I am currently entering my senior year at Ramapo College and will be graduating with a BSN to become a registered nurse. I hope to enter grad school in the fall 2020 to obtain my master’s in nursing and become a nurse practitioner.

Patrick – Arizona

Thank you to everyone at CCEF who helped me obtain the $1,000 scholarship! This money is a bit of relief and will help make attending my University more affordable.

Derek – Arizona

I am so appreciative for receiving this scholarship. It has been a struggle getting through college financially. My mom really wanted to be able to help in some way and now I can tell her she did. I will be using the money to put toward tuition.

Thanks again!


Angelina – Arizona

I would like to say how thankful and grateful I am to everyone at the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. I am starting at a community college and I am excited and fell more secure because of the financial help I have received. This scholarship is another step to help me succeed and get me further in my medical career. Due to the foundation’s mission and kindness, I believe they have helped me gain even more support and motivation to pursue my educational goals.

I am truly appreciative of what the foundation has done for me and many others. The foundation helped secure a hopeful future.

Julian – Ohio

“One of the greatest challenges in attending college has been the financial burden placed on my grandparents. My grandmother chose to stay home from work when we came to live with them, and my grandfather works for a non-profit homeless shelter, so his income is lower than many others.  My sister is also in college, so the burden on my grandparents is significant. The CCEF scholarship has greatly relieved that financial burden. I am not sure that I would be able to attend college without the help of the scholarship from CCEF. Thank you very much.”  

Maryanne – New York

I just want to take a moment and thank Creative Corrections Education Foundation on awarding me a scholarship to attend college. CCEF’s support has definitely helped me financially to achieve my higher education goal.