Kimberly – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Electrical Graduate)

When I first started electrical classes I started because of so many reasons. The main reason was because I wanted to do something different, I needed a change! It seemed as if before I started going to school, I kept getting in predicaments that would keep me stuck in the same spot. I helped everyone around me but when I lost my mother and brother nobody could help me. My kids needed to see a change all we had was each other with an ill help here and there. Knowing I had to remove negative people from my life, I made sure I kept myself too busy to indulge in any more nonsense. I’ve enjoyed my instructors and classmates throughout this learning experience. I thank God and my Angels for watching over us! I thank my support team who stuck around and my man for keeping me focused through it all! I thank you guys, CCEF, for making this possible!

DeAndre – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Carpentry Graduate)

It is difficult to articulate how profoundly my time with Creative Corrections Education Foundation helped to shape the person I am and the decisions I have made. The education I received was spectacular and the professors at the school gave me unique and intense learning experiences in the fields of sciences, history, and the humanities, for which I am incredibly grateful. However, I am even more grateful for the critical thinking and problem‐solving skills the Company and ABC has helped me to develop. Professors constantly made me know both what I believed and made me be able to defend why, and I relied on those skills constantly throughout Carpentry school. The Company gave me the endurance to continue through challenges and the confidence to know I was fully equipped to handle whatever those challenges might be.

Cara – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Carpentry Graduate)

When I got my DWI, I went from being a public servant to a criminal. It was something I never thought would happen to me and I went through a very bad time. CCEF gave me the opportunity to turn something so negative around. It meant not everyone had written me off. My classmates that also went through this program are some of my favorite people I’ve ever met. We all supported each other, and it was a zero-judgement zone. With the way the justice system works, if it weren’t for second chance programs like this, a lot of people would give up and fall into a life of crime or end their life because they become ‘damaged goods’ and that’s simply not true. People can make mistakes and still contribute to society, graduates of CCEF program are proof of that.

Joshua – Texas ABC Training Academy (Instrumentation Graduate)

I learned about the creative corrections education foundation program from Pastor James Savoy. I never thought that I would be going back to school for anything because of my background but the program helped me make it a reality. Everything that I’m doing in life at this point is not for me it’s for my son, and joining the program gave me that extra push that I needed to help change my life. I’d like to thank the people at creative corrections education foundation for everything that you have done and are doing. People with backgrounds deserve a second chance at life and you all are the beginning of that second chance.

Gary – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Carpentry Graduate)

Since I started the CCEF program I have had better job opportunities. The confidence is the best part I know I have the right answer and not wonder if I am right.  I am more focused and pay attention to details. The teacher and staff are more than amazing. Before I got into the program I was in and out of jail and addicted to multiple drugs. In other words, completely lost. Now I have a purpose in life and a foundation to stand on for once in my life. Thank you CCEF for all you have done for me. Would not be where I am without you.

Timothy – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Carpentry Graduate)

I’m Timothy and I want to thank Marsha and CCEF for allowing me to take this course. I never thought this was possible for me being in the streets like I was just throwing my life away. Thanks to the Grace of God, I’m going on 3 years sober and never would have thought it was possible. Also want to thank my probation officer Ms. Lita Wells for heading me into the right direction because she really did and I thank her for that. Today I’m seeing goals and I’m shelving them today in my new form of life that I’m living. What changed my way of thinking was this one dude telling me; “To the world your one person but to one person you could be the world” and I thought about my kids and that has helped me so much. Also, to my mama, my dad, and to family never giving up on me that I’m blessed and could not have got to where I am today without yells sorry and for that I’m forever grateful.

Ronnie – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Carpentry Graduate)

First off, I would like to give a big thanks to God for allowing me to take advantage of this opportunity! After being condition in a criminal addictive lifestyle or behavior I’m seeing the light and it’s bright coming out of darkness the good Lord has really been blessing me. CCEF has opened a door as well for me to finally receive a trade and certification going through ABC construction school in Nederland Texas gaining credentials from NCCER as a carpenter! While being in class the instructor implements not only the duties and task of a professional carpenter but also gives you some self-help answers as well to continue to grow in life and after having to serve time for the State of Texas and the Federal government, I’m a witness and can attest that change is possible.

Colin – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Scaffolding Graduate)

I thought my past defined me, but Creative Corrections Education Foundation put me through school and gave me a sense of purpose. They taught me a craft that will put food on the table and clothes on my back.  If I can do it, you can too.

DeJanelle – Arizona

This scholarship is a huge financial blessing. I am so thankful to Creative Corrections Education Foundation for this support so that I can continue to reach my goal in giving back to society as a Medical doctor. I look forward to the day in which I can be in a position to help others reach their goals as well.

Humbly grateful for this opportunity.     ~DeJa

Jeremy – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Carpentry Graduate)

At a young age I found myself addicted to drugs for 22 years.  I would have thought that if someone would just give me a chance and offer me a little help, I would be able to get my life on the right track and have a future for my life instead of getting several felonies and several trips to prison.  Feeling the same way, someone finally gave me a chance and I found that through the CCEF Foundation.  They have helped me take steps necessary to benefit my life by paying my tuition cost at ABC Training Academy and giving me the opportunity to obtain a trade certificate in carpentry and for that I am truly grateful.