Warren – Texas ABC Training Academy (Electrical Graduate)

“You are given “THIS LIFE” because you are “STRONG ENOUGH” to live it.”

This young man stuck it out for 3 years and is now graduating from Electrical. Here is his testimonial:

I really appreciate everyone and everything that has been done for me in my time I spent on this program. I thank GOD who is number 1 in my life, who have allowed me to make this change. I learned a lot and on how to think positively.

I think about the true meaning of life and take more responsibility in my actions, and how the things I was doing and how it affected others including myself.

A person has to want to make a change to get positive results and a change in their life.

I thank you all and say to everyone “This program works if you let it. I am on my journey to a better and positive life.

Joshua – Texas ABC Training Academy (Carpentry Graduate)

I’m so proud of myself and very thankful for this opportunity to better myself and my future.  I thank God for leadership, gratitude and courage for taking the right approach for success.  This is the time to help my community so thank you CCEF and ABC Training Academy!

Justin – Texas ABC Training Academy (Carpentry Graduate)

This opportunity to go to school has helped me to get a better understanding of my trade and develop confidence. I had a chance to do some hands on and learn how to use equipment that I had never encountered before. I was able to get a carpentry certification to add to my resume. Thank you to the people at Creative Corrections Education Foundation and at ABC Training Academy!

Amber – Texas ABC Training Academy (Carpentry Graduate)

I’m so grateful for this program Creative Corrections. I had just got out prison and didn’t know what route to take. A friend of mind told me about this program, and I signed up. I met with Ms. Marsha which is a sweet, kind and caring person. She led me in the right direction, signed me up for carpentry at ABC construction, where I learned a great trade to not only take care of my family but prosper. Because of this I was able to regain my confidence and strength in today’s society. This experience has truly been a blessing. I thank everyone who has helped me though. I recommend anyone who what’s a better life to sign up for a trade though Creative Corrections. It has changed my life. Now I’m ready to make the money I’ve always wanted to make! Don’t wait sign up today.

Chantelle – Texas ABC Training Academy (Carpentry Graduate)

It was one day I was on break with a friend. She gave me some information that was going to change my life. I spoke with an amazing woman who told me her story an gave me hope to apply myself to something I never imagined doing. I’m forever grateful for Creative Corrections Education Foundation giving me the opportunity to learn a meet amazing staff and people at ABC trade school. I’m forever grateful for that opportunity. Thanks for giving me the chance to become an industrial Carpenter. I’m forever grateful.

Alvaro – Texas ABC Training Academy (Scaffolding Graduate)

This has helped me in rehabilitating myself back into society and be a good functional citizen for my community. I have been given a second chance and I am not going to squander it. Thanks to Creative Corrections Education Foundation all that have contributed in my comeback to be a better man, for my friend, family and son.


Nicholas – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging Graduate)

I’ll be the first to admit that in the very beginning i was apprehensive considering the obvious(age) but this has truly been an experience of a lifetime and a game changer for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to take leaps and bounds!

Jaime – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Carpentry Graduate)

Creative Corrections Education Foundation has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn my life in the right direction. After serving 24 years in prison and having no future direction, no workplace experience or training in any area. Creative Corrections Education Foundation helped me get the opportunity to go to a trade school and be trained and not be judge for my past. I am beginning a bright future thanks to this wonderful opportunity.

Chris – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Electrical Graduate)

First off, I want to thank Mrs. Marsha and Creative Correction Education Foundation for the opportunity on taking this course. Not only did this course give me an opportunity to learn more electrical work but now I will be NCCER certified. Blessing like this program don’t come along in life often but I’m glad I took it and stuck with it for the 4 years.


Angel – Texas ABC Training Academy (Basic Rigging/Electrical Graduate)

I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities CCEF have afforded me. My life was leading nowhere from dead end job to dead end job, with no secure path. Trying to work retail with a felony record is extremely hard, but CCEF gave me the chance to have something under my belt that made me stand out to employers. I went for the longest course available because I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest extent.

4 years later, and I’m so glad I soldiered through because now I’m a standout employee with a credible company. I can’t say enough good things about this foundation because they are really the tools to succeed when I thought I was down and out. I changed my life with this program, and I guarantee you can too!