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“Pitzer Family Education Foundation is partnered with Parks Insurance Agency located in South Carolina. The Founder and President, Aaron Parks Insurance Agency is licensed in all fifty states. Parks Insurance Agency has been highly successful in offering FREE health care, mental health, and generic prescription drugs to those individuals who are incarcerated with 3 months or less from release.

Our partnership aims to ensure inmates with little or no resources are released from incarceration have an opportunity to receive FREE health insurance. This will make a big difference in their success back in the community. Correctional institutions can use this same program to enhance community relations since many people in our communities lack resources.  This is a great opportunity, for prisons and the communities. Let’s take advantage of this program and make a huge difference.

Individuals in the community also have an opportunity to receive FREE or a variety of other low-premium or no-premium plans depending on each individual’s situation. If you currently have an annual salary of $30,000 or less (depending on your state of residency), you may qualify for FREE health insurance.

Our foundation is not a licensed insurance agency, however if you are interested in applying for health insurance, click on the Parks Insurance Flyer at the top of this page and use the QR code to complete the application. Individuals can also apply by calling our office at (409) 861-2536 and speak with Marsha Rivera and she will assist you in completing your application.

Marsha Rivera, PFEF Program Administrator
(409) 861-2536