Get Involved

Get Involved

Pitzer Family Education Foundation-PFEF If you have a family member incarcerated or know of someone who is incarcerated, please go to the DONATE button on this website and donate today. Every penny makes a difference. Remember, pennies lead to dollars and dollars lead to scholarships and financial aid.

Please share our website link on your social media pages so we can get everyone involved with helping these less fortunate young adults go to school instead of prison. Need assistance with organizations who are interested in having fundraiser events for the foundation. Donations from corporations and clubs are welcomed. Need support from grant organizations to assist in funding the scholarships.

The public can get involved by going to the DONATE button and contribute today. Donors have the option of funding a scholarship in the name of a loved one. Donations can be given to fund a $5,000 scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship, or any amount you choose. Donors will receive a thank you letter appropriate for IRS Charitable Giving. Our progress of scholarship awards will be updated on our website.

By getting involved, your donation to help a motivated student will make a big difference for generations to come.

Let’s help motivated students choose a better future and remember “It’s cheaper to send a kid to Yale than it is to Jail.”  Pitzer Family Education Foundation is changing lives ‘One person at a time’.