What We Do

What We Do

Children of Incarcerated Parent:

PFEF is a 501c3 non-profit that provides scholarship and financial aid opportunities to children of the incarcerated and individuals released from prison on parole to enroll in college, trade school and trade certificate courses. Our goal is to stop second generational crime by breaking the cycle of young adults following in their parents’ footsteps of going to prison. Donations to PFEF will make a tremendous impact on the foundation achieving the above goal, making communities safer for all.

Our experience is that most of the incarcerated care about their children and want to take part in their success by donating.  We also believe that involving current inmates contributes to the development of their pro-social values which will assist them in their successful reentry.

Our mission is to have partnerships with all Federal, State and City Department of Corrections. We need your support so if you are a state who would like to partner with PFEF and help stop second generational crime, please contact Anthony Haynes, PFEF Executive Director at (409) 730-3247 or Marsha Pitzer-Rivera at (409) 861-2536.

Qualified applicants are placed on a waiting list and can receive a scholarship award when funding is available in the state where the parent is incarcerated. We ordinarily issue scholarships each year in August.

Interested students can click on the application tab on this website, complete the application and mail to PFEF 6545 Calder Ave, Beaumont, Texas 77706.

The following State Department of Corrections have allowed their incarcerated to donate to PFEF: Texas Department Criminal Justice, New Mexico State Department of Corrections, Ohio Department Rehabilitation Corrections, New York State Department of Corrections, Colorado State Department of Corrections, Milwaukee County House of Correction, Virginia State Department of Corrections, Louisiana State Department of Corrections, Michigan State Department of Corrections, Wyoming State Department of Corrections, Pennsylvania State Department of Corrections, Mississippi State Department of Corrections, Missouri State Department of Corrections and Arizona State Department of Corrections.

Visits to various state prison facilities within these states are conducted to inquire about donation support from the incarcerated. Money donated by an incarcerated person will only be used towards scholarships and financial aid. Offender donated funds will never be utilized to pay salaries or overhead costs. We believe the offenders should help with the cost to send young adults of the incarcerated to school.

To date, the offenders are contributing financially to the foundation and are excited about being part of the mission to give these young adults a better chance at life versus a criminal one.

We provide information about the foundation at conferences, charity clubs, through social media, local news interviews to include conducting PFEF presentations at various organizations and prisons to aid us in spreading the word about the foundation, our mission and to obtain monetary donations.

Please go to the Donate button on this website and help give a young adult a path of education versus incarceration.

Parolees and At-Risk Young Adults in Southeast Texas (Beaumont/Nederland/Port Arthur):

PFEF provides financial aid opportunities for ex-offenders on parole to enroll in a trade certificate course.  PFEF has partnered with Lamar State College Port Arthur and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Training Academy, in Nederland, Texas.


This program provides the opportunity for parolees to obtain a trade certificate in the following courses: Welding, Core Safety, Instrumentation, Scaffold Builder, Industrial Carpentry, Electrical and Pipefitting. PFEF has awarded financial aid over 1,084 times for parolee students’ enrollment at ABC Training Academy in Nederland, Texas.