Our Team

Our Team

Percy H. Pitzer, Co-Founder/President of the Board

Percy H. Pitzer is the Chief Executive Officer of Creative Corrections LLC and has over 30 years of correctional experience and retired as a warden at the United States Penitentiary in Beaumont, Texas. He is credited with implementing several innovative and advanced prison reform programs which are still utilized by many correctional facilities.

Percy has earned national awards in cost reduction and community service. Early on in his career it became obvious to him that a seriously at-risk group of young people were the children of the incarcerated.

Percy and his wife Sununt founded Pitzer Family Education Foundation (PFEF), previously (Creative Corrections Education Foundation- CCEF), and the Foundation received a 501(c) 3 status from the IRS on June 25, 2012. Percy and Sununt Pitzer donated over $1.3 millions of their own money to start and operate the foundation.

Percy also created a program within the foundation to assist individuals on parole with tuition assistance in the southeast Texas area to enroll in a trade course and earn a trade certificate in welding, electrical, pipefitting, scaffold builder, carpentry, instrumentation, or Core safety class. This initiative is to reduce the possibility of individuals returning to prison because they do not possess the skills to obtain employment.


Percy has a keen and motivated interest in the prevention of young adults going to prison. He focused on the mission of reducing the recidivism rate of the incarcerated returning to prison by educating community leaders with factual statistics about the incarceration problem we face today. Percy is most proud of the outstanding participation and support of the foundation by the incarcerated.

Anthony Haynes, Executive Director

In February 1982, Anthony started his Law Enforcement career with the United States Air Force as a Police Officer. He served our Nation for ten (10) years and received an honorable discharge in July 1992 after returning from the Gulf War, completing a military mission in operation “Desert Storm”.

He continued his Law Enforcement career with the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons and worked at ten Bureau of Prisons facilities before retiring on December 31, 2013, as a Senior Executive Service Warden at the Federal Correctional Complex in Forrest City, Arkansas. Anthony served twenty-one and a half years with the Bureau of Prisons.

In January 2014, Anthony began serving as the Executive Director for Pitzer Family Education Foundation (PFEF), in Beaumont, Texas. PFEF is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides new opportunities for at-risk kids of incarcerated parents who otherwise are extremely likely to participate in criminal activities.

The Founders of PFEF are Percy and Sununt Pitzer, which was established in June 2012 and to date, Anthony has aided in the foundation growing donation support from the public as well as the incarcerated, expanded the foundation partnerships with fourteen plus state department of corrections. The incarcerated in these states have donated over $244,000 of their own money, helping their kids have a path of education versus incarceration!

Marsha Pitzer-Rivera, Program Administrator

Marsha is responsible for maintaining all documents and files pertaining to the daily operations of the overall foundation.  Marsha also performs the duties as the Program Recruiter for the Scholarship program nationwide and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Training Academy in Nederland, Texas.  Marsha provides program awareness to the local community through local advertisement initiatives, job fairs, conferences, and fundraiser events, which provides monetary donation support for the programs.